Vidéo – Dans la vie de Louif Paradis

Le snowboarder que nous avons récemment interviewer, Louif Paradis, paraît dans ce vidéo de près de 4 minutes avec lui-même en vedette. Scie mécanique, vélo de montagne, raquette à neige, etc.

At Home

Louif is a really good snowboarder. He is also a really awesome human being. Towards the end of last winter Bonfire video guy Tanner Pendleton went to Quebec and ended up shooting some random stuff around the house with Louif. He tested out his Asmo Board, showed us his favorite costumes, and some friends came to skate the garage ramp. That random stuff turned into this little edit and we hope you enjoy watching At Home with Louif.

Edit: Tanner Pendleton
Titles: Dave Banks
Music: Tomasz Stanko Quartet, Mac Demarco, HOOPSNAKE

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