Vidéos été 2012

Voici quelques vidéos de snowboard québécois pour vous aider à passer à travers l’été.

Pascal Choinière-Choquette à Loon Mountain

Seb Toutant et Antoine Truchon sur la trampoline de Maximize pour pratiquer des doubles et des triples cork

Hungry, le nouveau teaser du film de Brothers Factory avec tout plein de riders québécois

After ten years, Bro Fac is still working to find the best snowboarders and the best areas around the world. We have never seen such a hungry crew of young shredders. Please welcome Jeremy Cloutier, Frank Bourgeois, Guillaume Marquis, Dillon Ojo, Lp Dorval, Alex Leblanc, Phil Jacques, Will Lavigne, LNP, Ben Bilocq, Frank April, Louif Paradis, Nic Brunette, Zach Aller, Nic Sauve, Anto Chamberland and Didier Godbout! Fimed by William Demers and Charles Demers. Edited by William Demers. Sponsored by DC, Salomon, Burton, Empire, Ifound, Vonzipper, Snowboard Canada, Stoneham, Alternative. Distribute in canada by platinum distribution, in europe by Xtreme video, in usa by eddie king and japan by champion visions. We are quebecers

Paul au Camp of Champion de Whistler-Blackcomb

COC Jour 1 Session A : avec Dillon Ojo et LP Dorval

Teaser de 1000 Bornes avec Louis-Felix « Louif » Paradis

Check:, Featuring: Sylvain Bourbousson, Fred Couderc, Morgan Le Faucheur, David Livet, Victor Daviet, Yrwan'Golden"Garcia Léal, Ugo Maréchal, Félix Carlier. Also Featuring: David Benedek, Josh Dirksen, Louif Paradis, Wolle Nyvelt, Herve Dalmolin, and more… Produced by: Almo film. Alban Jehlen-Morgan Le Faucheur, Directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur,Alban Jehlen,Julien Rodrigues, Filmed by : Julien Rodrigues,Fred Schwal, Motion Design : David "Dash" Schaller, Edited by : Julien Rodrigues, Music : The death set – "They Come to get us"

Full part Michael Thibault

Yes Snowboards – It’s a movie too trailer

YES. It’s a Movie Too. The search for pow continues. DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse are joined by the rest of the YES. Family for high powered shred action and fun. From Japan to Alaska, from BC to Chile the crew explores, adventures and parties their way around our snowy planet. Featuring: DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Tadashi Fuse, Frank April, Clint Allan, Benji Ritchie, Mikey Pederson, Helen Schettini, Colin Spencer, Madison Ellesworth, Mads Jonsson, Stian Solberg, and others.

Keegan Valaika ride le Red Ledge de Quebec

Here’s a lost edit from about 3 years ago. Keegan and I flew from Vancouver to Quebec City to shoot this ledge. We showed up and there was hardly any snow. It was only us, so we moved snow with trash cans and he threw himself down it like 50 times. He felt like he couldn’t land it so we packed up and flew to home to CA. I just found this on my computer. We ended up using this song for the intro of Transworld’s In Color. This edit was made on the flight home later that night 3 years ago.

TimeBomb – Hivernation, un nouveau teaser de film québécois

Timebomb Film present HiverNation, a new project from the Quebec City young bloods. Featuring: Mammouth Durette, Vincent Grandmaison, Stéphane Fortier, Phill Fournier, J.p. Morin, Francis Bernard, Bob Cloutier, P.L. Desgagné, Ced Gonthier, Simon Oualette, Alexis-B.G., Max Desroches. Sponsored by: Rome, Empire, Etnies, Thirtytwo, Instance, Celsius, Protocol Outlook, Technine, Artec, Slash snowboardmag, Ifound, Tif, Boutique Du Skate, Drink Water, Signal, Holden