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voila des infos jai trouver sur le site de Forum…jai mis des comments pis mis en gras ce qui etait important selon moi ! have fun !

@www.forum-snowboards.com/youngblood/ wrote:

Think you have what it takes to get sponsored?

Put your skills where your mouth is at a world renowned Forum Youngblood Series event near you. Winners will be flown to Sierra at Tahoe, California to the illustrious Forum Youngblood World Finals. Here they will duke it out on a custom Snow Park Technologies park setup against other winners from around the world, ride with the Forum team, and possibly earn a spot on the Forum Youngblood crew.

Check the schedule for your area and get your game tight – your snowboard career could start right here.

How many kids can enter?
All events are limited to 100 competitor maximum. We’d love to allow more but if you were competitor 182 you’d be bummed to take your runs at around 6pm.

What is the age limit?
Age Limit is 18 years of age. If you are over 18, try the USASA or send us a tape of you riding. Men are divided into two age groups: « Mens 14 and under » and « Mens 15 – 18 ». The top three from each of those groups are moved to a final mens groups where an overall mens competitor is choosen.

Is there a seperate competition for the women?
Women compete the same day as when the men do, however there is only one age group for the ladies: « 18 and under ».

What is the judging criteria?
All judging is based on style. We don’t care if you can do a no grab 900 or a not quite nosepress (commonly referred to as the 25-25). We are looking for clean style, stomped landings and innovative riding. If you want to see what we are NOT looking for, watch any Jimi Scott footage from pretty much any year. ??? http://expn.virage.com/cgi-bin/visearch?user=expn&template=template.html&query=jimi+scott&sport=0&show=0&viKeyword=jimi+scott videos de Jimi Scott (marche pas chez nous)

Where do I register?
All registration is done on site the morning of the event at 8am. Check your local resorts for updated info as locations and times vary by resort. Try not to sleep in or party to hard the night before. Oh yeah, your under 18, I mean try not to study too hard the night before. HAHAHAHA

Do I need to sign a waiver? Do my parents need to come with me to sign anything?
If you are under 18, bring a parent with you to sign some paperwork you will need to ride.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
We are down for inverted airs but some resorts aren’t. Check with them on this one too.

Can I enter more than one contest?
You can try to get to the finals as many times as you want. Check the schedule and try to get to as many events as you can.

What is the course setup like?
While parks vary from resort to resort, we try to have a consistent 3 jump and 3 rail/jib feature setup. Some resorts go above and beyond the call of duty and make a bigger setup, but regardless you’ll be riding some good terrain.

Is there a deal on lift tickets?
Check with your local resort on this one. We arrange this on a case by case basis.

What does it cost to enter?
The Forum Youngblood Series is completely free.

What if I have questions that aren’t listed here?
You can drop a line to info@forumsnowboards.com. We’ll try to get an answer to you as soon as we can.