Andrew Hardingham présente au festival de films Festiva

Le nouveau festival de films d’aventure de Montréal se nomme Festiva (connu sous le nom de FIFAM).  Ce festival et compétition de films a lieu du 21 au 24 octobre à UQAM au Pavillon Judith-Jasmin. Sur place il y aura aussi des présentation et des ateliers.

Lors de de festival, 3 des films présentés auront le snowboard comme sujet. (cliquez sur le titre pour télécharger le teaser)

film_arbitraryComme l’on connais qui est Andrew Hardingham dans le milieu du snowboard, soit un canadien de l’Alberta dont vous avez plusieurs fois vu dans des compétitions ou dans vos magazines… Snowboard Québec lui à posé quelques questions pour vous.

– How is snowboarding in Alberta these days ?

Alberta is incredible to ride. We have the rocky mountains so it is a very dramatic range that is in my opinion the most beautiful to see. We also don’t have the logging industry because Banff is a national park so its quite pristine. The snow is much lighter here because of the low temperatures, which suck if you hate the cold, but Quebec gets ridiculously cold too so I know you got it in ya! The avalanche conditions are wild in the rockies… always changing on the drop of a dime so it keeps you on your tows. Lots of rocks to jib too. Great place!

– How goes your pro-snowboarder carreer ?

I’m still doing what i did 10 years ago only now im less sketchy. I guess I’ve fine tuned my shit. I still make enough to ride all year with out having to work other jobs to often so i guess i would say its going great!

– Do you know any Quebec-riders that you think is « having it » these days ?

I like tons of the riders that come out of Quebec. Some of the older dudes blow my mined like DCP and Meloncon (I cant spell it but he’s the man). Good free riders that are’nt type cast to the park because there from Quebec. Thats what i love seeing and have respect for. Nothing against the park, it’s a lot of fun but it’s not the bad ass mountains.

– When is the last time you came here riding in Quebec ?

I always like to make it out to Shakedown every two years or so. I love Montreal city and the snowboard scene is rad in Quebec. Lots of good buddys there too. If i had to live in a city in Canada i’d probably live in Montreal.

– Since when did you start producing and filming (as Ubiquitous Media) ?

I have worked editing and filming since the skids vids were being made in 2001. I started making my own bull shit films a few years later and only recently (2007) started Ubiquitous media. I wanted to do my own thing because i wasn’t properly getting my ideas out there with Sandbox. I love Sandbox but it’s incredibly hard showing your whole season in a 3-4 minute snowboarding part. So i decided to make Throw Your Panties. It was a fun flick to make and was only the beginning. This season we’re making Thundermouth and its going to be fucked up. You’ll love it.

– What does you 14 minutes movie talks about at the film festival ?

« Arbitrary Winter » is an exert from my dvd « Throw Your Panties ». I shortened it and cleaned it up for film festival audiences. It’s a bit lighter and doesn’t have any Dustin Craven in it. He is a dirty, filthy man so i thought an older audience might not appreciate his mouth. It’s only 14 minutes but sums up a few good times i had that year including Berlin, Austria, and switzerland with a bit of Banff Canada as well.

– How it is filming more in the « adventure » way than « snowboarding » way ?

Well, I like my films to have more personality than most snowboard films do these days. I’ve been watching humans spin off jumps for 15 years and I’m not as impressed or interested in watching only that. I want to know if the rider has a funny sense of humor or how close he came to death on that booter he just crashed on. I want to know whats behind the jump and i’d like that to be in the films i watch and make. A story, you know. It’s the proper evolution of the sport. Not everyone is 13 years old and just getting into freestyle. The sport has grown up and unfortunately there are very few avenues of the sport that still cater to an older demographic. So more of an adventure film style is appealing to the people i make movies for. People like me.

– And why should people near Montreal go see your movie at Festiva ?

They shouldn’t go see it. They should just stay at home and read a book. TV will rot your brain.

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Voici le teaser de son film Throw Your Panties