Le prochain film de Rome en production

Le prochain film signé de la compagnie Rome Snowboard sera intitulé Fu-Gnar. Les riders du team sont présentement en train de parcourir les lieux en récoltant des part pour le film. Voici un message de Rome…


When all else fails, just keep on givin’r.

Or maybe, when all else fails, just keep on givin’ the gas pedal a push in search of shred.

As Rome sets out to create this year’s video installment from Kids On Shred Productions, the approach is much different from the prior two years.  In place of filming a part video like Any Means or No Correct Way, the idea came up this year to film a travel shred documentary across the Canada.  Just get the riders together and take a road trip looking for good times with old friends and new.

And so was born the concept behind FuGnar, A Road Trip Across the Great White North.  Pile the Rome team into a 15-person van in Vancouver, point it east towards Montreal, “turn down the suck”, and hit as many spots in between.  Hook up with locals.  See what fun goes down, on snow and off snow.  Document the whole thing as long as someone is awake and can press “record”.

The filming of FuGnar kicked off last week.  Cavan flew out to Oregon and bought a used 15-passenger van.  He met up with Johnny Lazz outside Seattle, crossed the border into British Columbia and met up with Max Legend and Will Lavigne.  They invaded the Rome rep’s house for floor space and hooked up with some Vancouver locals and shop kids for the first stop at Seymour.

Givin’r to the east out of Vancouver, the FuGnar van will take the Rome crew on a shred trip across pretty much the full width of Canada.  Meeting up with locals at all stops along the way, the van will hit up various spots in the Rockies, the plains, Ontario and the Mecca of the urban snowsliding world—Quebec.  From there, the van will veer south, across the border into Vermont, and onto the infamous World Quarterpipe Championships at Timber Ridge in southern Vermont for a snowboard hootenanny with East Coast vagrants, Rome riders and their friends.

Along the 3,000 miles of road, pretty much the entire Rome team will ride the van for some portion of the trip.  Bjorn, LNP, Marius, Marie, Eiki, Will, Max, Yan, Foy, Lazz and a bunch of the am kids will roll through Canada meeting up with shop kids and locals in Kamloops, Revy, Golden, Banff, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Stay tuned to www.romesnowboards.com for FuGnar Updates from the road as the Rome team makes their way across the Great White North. Maybe you can cross paths with them somewhere along the way.  And make sure you find your way to Timber Ridge and the World Quarters on March 23rd 2009 to hang with the riders and experience the final leg of the trip first hand.