King of S.N.O.W 2010 – Liste de trucs à affronter


Vous avez compris ce qu’est la game de S.N.O.W? (Voir article précédent ici) Soit refaire le même truc que le pro-rider pour gagner un prix par semaine et essayer de remporter 5000 $ cash USD… Voici la liste de trucs. Un par semaine. Allez filmer vos trucs égales ou mieux que ce qui est présenté ci dessous et allez l’ajouter sur le site

Le premier truc est un frontside 180. Pouvez vous faire le même truc mieux ?
Tant qu’à aller filmer, filmez aussi les prochains trucs. La qualité de votre caméra n’a pas d’importance !

ROUND 01: FS 180° par Rene Schnoeller (AUT)
Welcome to the Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W. Horsefeathers teamrider and Isenseven member Rene Schnoeller is submitting the first trick and you are pleased to copy it! FS 180° is the trick of the hour which you should copy on every similar obstacle (kicker, cliff, drop or whatever you can do a FS 180° off) on mother earth and with as much style and power as possible. Don´t forget to show your face right into the cam after you did your FS 180°!
This round’s winner will get a nice Horsefeathers stuff-package including the Horsefeathers Polaris Jacket and the Horsefeathers R2D2 Beanie – total value about 250,- EUR!


ROUND 02: BS 180° from Tomas Tuzar (CZE)

ROUND 03: FS 360° from Honza Zajic (CZE)

ROUND 04: FS 540° from Michael Zirngibl (GER)

From now on, every three consecutive tricks of the current round will be announced in advance. This means that you can stick and film the tricks for the next 4 rounds on one single day in the snow. The upload and user voting will be in the corresponding week of the particular trick. Here we go:

Round 5: Tomas Tuzar (CZE), Switch BS 180°
Round 6: Tomas Tuzar (CZE), Boardslide/Noseslide
Round 7: Tadej Valentan (SLO), BS 540°
Round 8: Darek Bergmann (CZE), BS Wallride
Round 9: Kilian Wiget (SUI), Handplant
Round 10: Michael Zirngibl (GER), BS Lipslide
Round 11: Honza Zajic (CZE), BS 720°
Round 12: Michael Zirngibl (GER), BS Rodeo
Round 13: Tadej Valentan (SLO), FS 720°
Round 14: Tadej Valentan (SLO), Cab 900°
FINAL: April 16th-18th at Horsefeathers Superpark Planai (AUT)

This winter is going to be one giant worldwide session!
Every week one of your favourite Horsefeathers-Pros will present a trick you have to imitate within one week and on a similar obstacle. Once you have sticked and filmed the trick you have to upload it as video file to the King of S.N.O.W platform. Needless to say that you should try to copy the trick with as much style as possible in order to get as many judging points as possible in the worldwide ranking. Because in every single round the most gnarly and styled trick will be rewarded with a massive Horsefeathers stuff package.

We will make you rich and famous!
The final of this year’s Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W will take place from 16th – 18th of April in the Horsefeathers Superpark in Planai (AUT). After round 14 the 10 leaders in the global ranking will be invited to Austria (including free accommodation, catering and lift tickets) to rock the final. The winner receive 5.000,- USD prizemoney + worldwide coverage!
On top, you will get a professional photo shooting in the Horsefeathers Superpark built and shaped by Q-Parks and have the chance to shoot some sick shots for the upcoming interviews.
All rules and more infos you will find at
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