Teasers films de snowboard 2013-2014


Pourquoi Pas

There’s a new crew of Quebecois hitting the streets of French Canadian cities and staking their claim. Check out the teaser of « Pourquoi Pas » and familiarize yourself with Gabriel Pleau, Tim Bouvette, Vincent Desrochers, Christopher Houle, Mathieu Gélinas, Nathan Therriault, Francis Bourgeois, Francis-Olivier-Jutras, and Bernard Sauvageau, because by the looks of the teaser for their Fall 2013 movie, these are names you’re going to want to pay attention to.

Nowamean – Bang’A Rang

A snowboard movie for snowboarders. The Nowamean crew is back again with what will be the most innovative movie yet ! Get hyped and go out there, be part of snowboarding ! Presented by: Quintin and Snowboard Canada. Featuring: Dillon Ojo, Anto Chamberland, LP Dorval, Phil Tardif, Axel Theoret, JO Truchon, Gab Belanger, Nic Marcoux, Alex Gogo, Alexis Mailhot, Fred Lacroix, Thomas Gagner, Emile Veilleux, Sean Thomson, Jesmond Dubeau, Russell Beardsley, Cameron Hill. Sponsors: Holden, Signal, Empire, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, SpinLimit, Vans, Stepchild, Dye, TopOfTheWorld, Alternative, Capita, Union, Atlas, Escapade, Arnette, Coal, Instance, Homies.
A movie by : Je Page and Sean Traer. Film By : Je Page, Sean Traer, Mat Gibo, Jay Charest, Richard Hope, Je Coter

TimeBomb – Reckless

A Timebomb Film street snowboard Movie. Here’s the teaser of our new full movie project  »Reckless ». We spent the last season searching for new spots and killed the old ones all around the big province of Quebec. Reckless is a 6 months project of hard shoveling, long sessions, crappy food and cheap beer. All this hard work paid off just to get a good feeling of landing a trick, compensates for everthing that went down! Enjoy the riding of: Mammouth Durette, Seb Picard, Vincent Grandmaison, Maxime Desroches, Steph Fortier, Frank Bernard, Michel Grégoire, Phil Fournier, Bob Cloutier and friends. Movie Supported by: Empire, Rome Snowboard, Burton, Anon, Vans, Neff, Celsius. Produced by: Mikael Scremin and Stephane Fortier

Deja Vu – d’après la web série

Voici un aperçu en attendant le teaser. Phil Jacques, Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Frank April, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nic Sauve and Will Lavigne

Brothers Factory – Jamais Vu

Voici un summer edit en attendant le teaser. Check out Jeremy Cloutier, Guillaume Marquis, Jason Dubois, Anto Chamberland, Jonas Lapierre, Zach Aller, Charles Reid, Mikkel Bang up at Camp Of Champions. Filming & Editing: Marc-Olivier Brunet a.k.a. MOB. Additional footage: Nate Laverty.

Get Outta Town – web série pour Snowboarder Mag

4 webisodes qui débutent le 5 septembre suivi des full parts. Benji Ritchie, Devun Walsh, Ryan Tiene, Dustin Craven, Eero Niemela, and Iikka Backstrom have all teamed up to bring you « Get Outta Town » a web series coming next fall to Snowboardermag.com that will let you into their lives and give you an inside perspective to shredding in British Columbia on some of the most unbelievable terrain in the world. Here’s the trailer and if this doesn’t get you amped to shred than we don’t know what will.

Yes. Missions – web série pour Yes et Transworld

Met en vedette Benjamin Ritchie, David Carrier-Porcheron DCP et le reste du team Yes. YES. Missions – A bunch of snowboarders do stuff, like snowboarding pow, hitting jumps, and breaking sticks. In a bunch of snowy places, like Whistler, Alaska, Japan, and Norway.
It’s a web series. Coming this fall to Transworld Snowboarding.


Ride Snowboards – Because of Snowboarding

This is the trailer for a series of short films presented by Ride Snowboards that will be released Fall 2013. Starring Jake Blauvelt, Seb Toots, Alex Cantin, Hana Beaman, Marco Feichtner, and Austin Hironaka.

Too Hard – Still Hard

Un film de filles mettant en vedette une québécoise du Saguenay Lac-St-Jean, Marie-Andree Racine, ainsi que Madison Blackley, Alexa McCarty, Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Laura Rogoski, Kumara Kelley, Riley Elliot, Taylor Elliot, Vanessa Moore…

Little Things

MFR (Marie-France Roy) is a co-producer on the project, while long-time Oakley athlete (BMX) Darcy Turenne is directing. MFR also stars in the movie alongside other environmentally-aware athletes, including fellow Oakley snowboarders Nicolas Müller and Gretchen Bleiler, as well as Jeremy Jones, Meghann O’Brien, Jonaven Moore, and Tamo Campos. The movie is scheduled to come out in Fall 2014. Imagine that: a snowboarding movie with a message.

Nation – TWS

Nation met en vedette Xavier De Le Rue, Chris Brewster, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, Austen Sweetin, Austin Hironaka, Dan Brisse, Bjorn Leines, DCP, Stale Sandbech, Gulli Gudmunsson, Eiki Helgason, Forest Bailey and more. Filmed by: Mark Wiitanen, Tyler Malay, Kyle Schwartz, Cole Taylor, Petter Foshaug, Justin Turkowski, Cole Taylor, Guido Perrini, Olav Stubberud, and more.

Never Not – Nike

« Never Not », Nike Snowboarding’s Fall 2013 offering brings together an incredibly talented group of snowboarders, including Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, Halldor Helgason, Jed Anderson, Danny Kass and more. « Part 1 & 2 » of their new film shows a brief but telling sample from the Nike team’s season and it’s very clear that this movie is going to be incredible.

A Way We Go – Isenseven

European film powerhouse, Isenseven just released the teaser for the new film, « A Way We Go », featuring the artistic and editing mastery that these guys are known for, on top of a mix of street and powder shredding. Keep your eyes peeled for « A Way We Go » this fall.

Jake Blauvelt – Naturaly

DTF – Sexual Snowboarding – Helgasons

Eiki Helgason, Halldór Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, Kareem El Rafie, Leo Crawford, Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom