Renaissance par Nowamean & Bruners

Les deux ensemble, Nowamean X The Bruners, et voici le teaser du nouveau film Renaissance. Il met en vedette Axel Stall, Alexis Mailhot, Lp Dorval, Nic Roy, Russell Beardsley, Alex Gogo, Jo Truchon.

The Bruners takeover. When we got to the DeadEnd and thought the trip was most likely over, the young bucks from the crew took the wheel and drove back on the road to keep the dream alive. A new era was born, a Renaissance you could say. Now watch the boys go crazy, giving their bodies and souls for what they love the most, snowboarding.

Filmed and realised by Julien Choiniere / Jerome Charest. Additional filming by Will Jourdain / Sean Traer / Mini / Mat Gibo / Je Page / Harry Hagan. Edited by Jerome Charest / Julien Choiniere / Je Page. Produced by Je Page / Julien Choiniere. Supported by BILLABONG / VON ZIPPER / THIRTY TWO / RIDE / BEAVER WAX / SPIN LIMIT / EMPIRE / ARBOR / DRAGON / INSTANCE / DINOSAUR WILL DIE / ILLUSION / HOWL / HOMIES / ESCAPADE / VOLCOM.