Annulation du Air & Style

Le ralentissement économique du pays tennant cet événement a faite qu’un commanditaire important s’est retiré à la dernière minute, et donc que un des plus important événement de snowboard sera annulé cette année. Pas de Air & Style à Munich !

à noter que le Billabong Air & Style de Innsbruck en janvier 2009 lui n’est pas affecté, même que les spots de commanditaires sont sold out !

Andrew Hourmont, founder and organizer of the Air & Style: “We are very sad about the cancellation of the Air & Style Munich 08. We feel sorry for the fans, the riders and for our whole team. After we have seen the best Air & Style of all times last year, the anticipation was huge for this year’s Air & Style in the Olympic Stadium to become even better. But as a company we first and foremost have to finance this expensive happening which is impossible without financial support from sponsors. As a fact, all tickets we sell for a small prize only cover a small part of the total costs. After a surprising and last minute cancellation of a sponsor, we only had little time to find new ways of raising a huge parts of the sponsorship money.  This, however, could not be achieved although the Air & Style in Munich is evidently the biggest and most successful platform for marketing to teens with outstanding media reach and  value. For us, it was beyond question to organize an event that would not meet our fan’s and rider’s expectations and quality standards. Therefore, we, as organizers of the event, have decided to cancel the Air & Style Munich 08. It is a pity that unlike in countries such as the USA or Great Britain, the communication with young target groups in Germany obviously is not yet considered as important as it deserves to be. We are now focussing on the organization of the top event on January 31st, 2008 in the Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck and will take care of new, international projects.”