Neuf Top 5 avec Will Lavigne

Will_006Parfois, les choses se perdent dans la traduction entre les gens qui parlent des langues différentes. Mais quand nous avons demandé à Will Lavigne sa la liste de Top 5, la première chose qu’il était prêt à faire était de dire à son top 5 de ses histoires avec Cavan (Rome team manager), puis nous avons eu à éliminer 15 des 20 histoires sur Cavan pour créer un top 5. Will donne sa version de ces histoires et ses choix auxquels il apporte une haute estime.
– Ron @ Rome

Top 5 Shred Spots:
Battle field rail, QC
Peak to creek, Whistler
Logan, Utah
Fernand Seguin park, QC
Revelstoke, BC
Breckenridge, Keystone, Colorado
Anywhere with a good crew turn out good.

Top 5 Vacation Spots:
Anywhere with no phone/computer
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
I can spend a lot of time in a skatepark feeling in vacation
Anywhere you can find waves.

Will_010Top 5 Cavan Stories:
– We got stuck 200 miles from Reno and 250 miles from Vegas in the desert after his truck blew up.
– Marie and I got him to be vegetarian for 6 months for $200, he did it. I have nothing against vegetarians but I don’t know many people who would do it.
– The whole time we were filming Any Means and No Correct Way he was wearing shoes to film, even when it was -40 out. He likes pain…
– Everytime he comes to Canada his credit card gets cancelled because of his stupid bank. They cancelled it once because he did too many transactions from St-Hubert. He loves it.
– He knows how to tell someone to fuck off in French: Vachieyaaaaaa. He’s also able to sing opera while saying it!

Top 5 Songs to Shred to:
Atlas – Battles
NYC transit – Akhenaton
Rush – Talib Kweli
Secret recipe – Wooley
Zigane – Oxmo Puccino

Top 5 Places you have been:
Gwyneth lake, BC
Squamish skatepark, BC
Tigne, France
Puerto Viejo beach, Costa Rica
First time I was on Whistler glacier when I was 14. I wanted to live there.

Top 5 Moments with Rome Team:
The Magic Bus Tour.
Camping in Montana
Van trip across Canada
Big Bear for the Team Shout Out
Sledding in Revelstoke.

Top 5 Rome Gear:
Artifact 150, Mod 156, and Agent 154
Rivington Jacket, the puffy
390 bindings
Duke Mitts
All of the caps

Top 5 Movies:
Really Sorry
American Beauty
Blood Diamond

Top 5 Shreds you Respect:
Louif Paradis
Alex Cantin
Greg Desjardins
Ben Bilocq