Teasers de films de snowboard 2011-2012

Dans le but de vous divertir pendant des heures avant que la saison de la neige revienne chez nous, voici une liste en mode continue des teasers de films de snowboards pour la saison prochaine. La plus part seront disponibles dans vos boardshops favoris, d’autres sont disponibles sur le web seulement. Si nous avons oublié un film, svp nous en informer au bas de cette page dans les commentaires. Votre aide est toujours la bienvenue!! Merci et bon visionnement.

Pour voir des vidéos intégrales, cliquez sur films complets gratuits.


HiFive Production – Guess What

This year, Hifive people pushed further and kept innovating and trying to get you NEW FRESH stuff !!!
Their energy, and collective mind allowed them to blow out all your expectations !!!
They presents their second year film: « GUESS WHAT « . A snowboard film featuring: Daou, Vince GrandMaison, PL Desgagné, Max Desgagné, Nic Tremblay, Sim Ouellet, Frank Lachance, Jo Truchon, Frank Jobin, Max Desroches & more. Enjoy the teaser ! See you the October 8 at Imperial de Quebec.

HM Production – Lock it

Teaser du Film de snowboard de Trois-Rivière QC, Filmé dans de nombreuses villes du Québec ainsi qu’en Californie et en Ouest Canadien! In Association with Rome SDS ,Thecnine , S3 Boardshop , Teaspoon , Pabs Blue ribbon , Banshee bungee , Périgny ,PH ,Signé Francois Roy, O’neill, SnowboardQuebec.com , Push.ca. Tim Bouvette, Vincent Desrochers, Bern Sauvageau, Frank Bourgeois, David Gauthier, Gabriel Pleau, F.O.J, Julien Pelchat, Frederic Roberge, Ludovic Germain, Félix Boutet, Cossette, Maxime Heon, & Friends (Frank Pilon,Frank Boutch,Simon Gagnon,Pouliot ,Phil D, Phil Aube, Claudia Biron, Gariépy et plus encore). Teaser Produced by Tim Bouvette. Movie produced by Tim Bouvette & Francis-Olivier Jutras.

Troop films – Back to Nature

Official Teaser of snowboard film Back To Nature, produced in association with Troop Film. Official Sponsors: DLX, Nomis, Technine, Snowboard Quebec, Kickel-Street & Protocol Outlook. Back To Nature: coming out late October. Production & Post-Production by Video 4D. Visual Director: Edouard Dufour-Boiteau. Sound Director: Ludovic Fleury. Snowboard Riders : Jean-Simon Marcil, Alex Leblanc, Etienne Jolicoeur, Mathieu Lessard, Nicolas Drouin-Tanguay, Vincent Desrochers, Francis De Grandmaison, Charles Montreuil-Côté, Frank Boulerice, Martin Gagné, Julien Beaulieu, and Friends…

Nowamean – Snowjob

The Nowamean vol.3 SNOWJOB is a movie about snowboarding, nothing more, nothing less and coming out september 2011. Good friends, good trips and good times. Featuring parts from : Fred Lacroix, Frank Caddy, Dillon Ojo, Nic Marcoux, Phil Tardif, Antoine Soucy, Gab Bélanger, Russell Beardsley, Oli Ricard, Hugo Morasse, Chris Collard, Anto Chamberland, Émile Veilleux and friends. Sponsored by : Atlas Boardshop, Alternative Store, Beight, Capita, Celcius, Coal, DC, Dragon, Holden, Illusion Boardshop, Signal, Team OFR, Thirty Two and Union. Filmed by : Sean Traer, Jé Pagé, Julien Mallet, Mat Gibo, Jay Forest, Jay Boivin and Alex Girouard. Distributed by Platinum Distribution.

Tabarnac – Brothers Factory

Winter 2011. As most people are locked up in their offices or migrating south to escape the nasty weather, the Brothers Factory kids are taking over the deserted streets and urban outdoors. Their art; turning rails, walls and rooftops into sick features. But it all comes to a price, as they will be facing many dangers, such as the great protectors of the city! Produced by : Will Demers. Filmed by : Will Demers / Charles demers. Artwork and Motion : fokusproductions.ca. Audio : Parts & Labor – Fractured Skies. Avec Dubois, Reid, Chamberland, Dofin, Aller, Cloutier, Paradis, Legend, Bourgeois, Sauvé, April, Marquis, Jacques et Brunette.

Timebomb Film – All of Us

Timebomb Film est fier de vous présenter le teaser officiel du film de snowboard  »All Of Us », dont le lancement se fera en septembre prochain. Riders: Mammouth Durette, Stéphane Fortier, Phil Fournier, Frank Bernard, Bob Cloutier, Gab Gaulin, J.P. Morin, Ced Gonthier, Antony Vigneault, Alexis B.G., Frank Delisle, Gab D.B. et Mike Roy. Merci à Protocol Outlook, 5-O Boardshop, Union snowboard, Capita, Teaspoon, Manee, Alternative 113, Tif et Yobeat.

White Face Production – Chef Tony

Ski et snow

Sandbox – Day and age

Rusty Ockenden, Andrew Hardingham, Mikey Pederson, Clint Allan, Trevan Salmon, Cory Gallon, Steve Cartwright, Matt Belzile, Beau Bishop, Dave Short, Dwayne Weibe, Ryan Hall, Layne Treeter, Wiley Tesseo, Matt Butel, Rupert Davies, Scot Brown, Logan Short, Kevin Sansalone are the featured riders in Day And Age.

Nuulife – No Joke

Starring: Craig McMorris, Geoff Brown, Andrew Burns, Gordon Emery, Adam Chuntz, Kurtis Rothecker, Mark McMorris, Connor Copithorn, Lucas Ouellette, Robby Balharry, Tanner Davidson, Zach Stone, Jesmond Dubeau, Katie Hall-Leah, David Craig, John Swystun, Kyle Herperger, Dan Zimmerman, James Murphy, Garrett Kendel, Barrett Lucak, Joe Hills, Matt Munn, Jason Gretzinger and more. « The Mother Funk » by Shotgun. Free on november 1st.

Voleurz – That’s Fine

Ski et snow. Voleurz, a Vancouver-based lifestyle clothing brand, is proud to present the trailer for their seventh feature-length film, That’s Fine. That’s Fine documents the antics and exploits of the infamous Voleurz Family, comprised of skiers, snowboarders and skateboarders, making the multi-sport offering one of the most well-rounded and diverse films in the action sports world. Highlights include snowboarder Justin VDP slaying pillow lines in the Whistler backcountry, freeskier KC Deane’s jaw-dropping big mountain segment, a raucous urban trip to Ontario with Scott Sych & Matt Brindisi, the unique style of one of skiing’s most imaginative individuals, Max Hill (along with the highly entertaining return of Max Hill vs The Intern), skateboarding the streets of Vancouver with Tyler Holm, and of course, the hilarious and not-to-be-missed Winter Volympics. That’s Fine is proudly supported by Faction and Line Skis, and features KC Deane, Justin VDP, Max Hill, Braden Dean, Simon D’Artois, Mack Jones, Rob Heule, Tyler Holm, Riley Leboe, Billy Mitchell, Matt Brindisi, Warren Williams, Colston VB, Josh Bibby, Jake Black, Joe Schuster, Josh Stack, Scott Sych, Shayne Zwickel, Cam Schuster, Matty Richard, Corey Klim, Andrew Jackson, Dylan Stack, Jan Schuster, Ian ‘Chug’ Cosco and The Intern. That’s Fine will be released for free online in November 2011 in conjunction with a global premiere tour with screenings in Canada, US, Spain, Norway, France, UK, Germany, Australia and others. Limited edition DVD’s will be available exclusively at select Voleurz retailers.

Sebastien Toutant – Exclusive video part

un montage vidéo pour le web de la dernière saison de Seb Toots.


Peep show – Winter wars

Winter Wars from Peepshow coming your way August 2011. Featuring: Bryn Valaika, Claudia Avon, Colleen Quigley, Danyale Patterson, Darrah Reid-McLean, Desiree Melancon, Gabi Viteri, Jess Kimura, Joanie Robichaud, Laura Hadar, Madison Blackley, Silvia Mittermuller and friends. Sponsored by: Snowboarder Magazine, Kidsknow Distribution, Bonfire, Burton, Planet Sports, Roxy, Salomon Snowboards, Volcom, TSG, Onboard Magazine, Manglaze, Holden, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Gnu Snowboards, Coal, Ashbury.

Lipstick production – 5 more minutes please

As we like to have fun, dont take everything too serious and it s all about looking damn good here our « 5 more minutes…please?! » Trailer. So sit back, relax 5 more minutes and enjoy! Full movie coming October 2011. Starring: Aimee Fuller, Ana Rumiha, Aline Bock, Tini Gruber, Julia Baumgartner, Margot Rozies, Urska Pribosic, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones, Lisa Filzmoser, Vera Janssen, Conny Bleicher, Sina Candrian,… and more! Edited by: Sophie Morawetz (aka Littlestar Films). Filmed by: Sophie Morawetz, Ryan Smith, Lachlan Humphreys, Johno Verity, Rene Gallo, Julian Pintarelli, Matej Gostinar, Ben Bishop, Stephan Kofler, Steven Kilzer,… Produced by: Conny Bleicher. Graphic design by: Kristina Fallenegger. Special credit: Holger Frick. Supported by: Roxy, Billabong, Burn, Nikita, Elan, Voelkl, Sweet Dream, Sport Spezial, Cooler, Onboard, Golden Ride. Music by: FM Belfast – « Underwear ».


Brainfarm / Redbull – The Art of Flight

The song is a collaboration between Anthony Gonzalez from M83 and Curt Morgan from Brain Farm. Artist: The Three Corners of The Earth. Title: « The Fire Shall Devour Us ». Just when you thought the producers of « That’s It, That’s All » couldn’t top themselves comes a new breed of snowboarding entertainment. The Art of FLIGHT follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures and progress the sport to unimaginable levels. Brain Farm has gathered an arsenal of the most advanced and progressive film making technology to bring the masses a snowboarding adventure of epic proportions. Filmed on location in Jackson Hole, Alaska, Chile, Aspen, Patagonia, British Columbia and more, FLIGHT brings the viewer along for the perfect blend of adventure/travel drama and high-energy snowboarding action. The Art of FLIGHT releases September 2011.

VideoGrass – Shoot the moon

We made this early season teaser for the tradeshow only, and then decided we might as well share it with everyone. Stay tuned for updates on VGsnow.com . Shoot The Moon the 3rd DVD from Videograss coming your way August 2011. Featuring parts from: Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Olson-Elm, Jed Anderson, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Bennee, Louif Paradis, Mikey Leblanc, Nick Dirks, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Zac Marben. Presented by: Monster
Sponsored by: Academy, Airblaster, Ashbury, Bonfire, Elm, Holden, Howl, K2, L1, Nike, Ride, Salomon, Snowboarder Magazine, Vans, Volcom, & WESC.

Isenseven – Kaleidoscope

This is it! Isenseven’s official trailer for the 2011 snowboard film « Kaleidoscope ». A film by Alex Schiller, Tom Elliott and Vincent Urban. Featuring the riding of Alex Tank, Benny Wetscher, Christian Haller, Christophe Schmidt, Colin Frei, Dani Rajcsanyi, David Bertschinger Karg, Ethan Morgan, Fips Strauss, Fredrik Evensen, Kevin Bäckström, Ludwig Lejkner, Peter König, Simon Gruber, Tobi Strauss, Tom Klocker and Wojtek Pawlusiak. Supported by Pleasure Snowboard Magazin, Burton, Nike 6.0, Foursquare, Oakley, DC, Head, Volcom, Zimtstern, Ride, O’Neill, Vans, Fiat Freestyle Team, Planet-Sports.com, Snowstyle. Edit/Post/Motion Graphics: Alex Schiller. Principal Cinematography: Tom Elliott, Maxi Seefried, Alex Schiller, Artur C. Tatar, Flo Schöftenhuber, Felix Urbauer. Additional footage: Clemens Prankl, Rasmus Tikkanen, Marc Wiblishauser, Bildlich-T.de. Music: ANR – « Big Problem » from the album « Stay Kids ».

Rome snowboards – The shred remains

This Fall, the Rome SDS will be releasing it’s third full length snowboard film, The Shred Remains: A Film about the 100 Day Perspective. Featuring LNP, MFR, Will Lavigne, Lucas Debari, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden, Johnny Lazz, Marie Hucal, and the Am Army.

Hara Kiri – En voiture Simone

Harakiri is back with a new flick that will be live next September on MPORA!Featuring Victor DeLeRue, Victor Daviet, Thomas Delfino, Ben Thomas-Javid, Valerian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Bruno Rivoire, J.J. Roux, Gaby Bessy, Brynild Vulin, Enzo Nilo, Thomas Gerin, VIcci Miller, Aluan Ricciardi…

Yes snowboards – Yes it’s a movie

YES. It’s a Movie. It’s about a year in the life of the YES. Family. DCP, Romain, JP, and Tadashi are rolling around the world as you read this, slaying pow and adventuring. We started in Chile last July, and have been shooting in Canada during December and January. Next, DCP, Romain, JP, Tadashi, and Benji head to Japan with Pascal Gallant filming. Helen Schettini, Mikey Pederson, and Jake Koia will hold it down in the Whistler Backcountry.

Givin – One

Starring: Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Shayne Pospisil, Timmy Ronan, Cody Rosenthal, Doran Laybourn, Jonas Michilot, Robbie Walker, Alex Stathis, Brendan Keenan, Nick Russell, Mason Aguirre, Jake Koia, Benny Urban, & our homies. KidsKnow Dist.

Capita – Defender of Awesome

Official teaser for CAPiTA’s full length team video “Defenders of Awesome” to be released Fall of 2011. Starring: Scott Stevens – ATCHA BOII, Brandon Cocard – The BIRD MAN, Cale Zima -Kenny Chimps, TJ Schneider – Texas Long Balls, Laura Hadar – Mama Hades, Dustin Craven – Crusty Dusty, Jess Kimura – Danger Pony, Dan Brisse – Brisseburger, Phil Jacques – French Vanilla, Andrew Burns – Burnzy Spritz, Mike Rav – Mike RAV.

Teton Gravity Research – One for the road

« One for the Road », is a ski and snowboard film following some of the world’s most progressive snow sports athletes, documenting their lives on the road, and capturing some of the most stunning riding to date. Road trips are an integral part of every adventurer’s life and a conduit to define one’s being. Journeys to new lands shed light on each skier’s personal mission. Whether shredding with long time ski partners, or meeting a seasoned character in some far off country, wisdom is gained through these new experiences. The road trip is a metaphor for every skiers’ existence. Shot on location, prepare for a visually stunning voyage generated with Phantom, Red, Canon DSLR and GoPro HD footage. Join the athletes as they rock a record breaking season in Jackson Hole, immerse themselves into the culture of Japan’s powder mecca Hokkaido, discover Iceland’s urban side, explore the Baltic wonders of Macedonia and Montenegro, shred deep pillow lines at Baldface Lodge, uncover first descents in Pemberton, BC, and hit full throttle lines in the perfect snow and weather of Juneau, AK. Join the award winning producers at Teton Gravity Research as they embark on the ultimate road trip. Athletes: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Dylan Hood, Dash Longe, Rachael Burks, Callum Pettit, Griffin Post, Todd Ligare, Chris Benchetler, Shroder Baker, Daron Rahlves, Sven Küenle, Byron Wells, Seth Morrison, Andreas Hatveit, Rory Bushfield, Nick Martini, Tom Wallisch, Mike Riddle, Erik Roner, Grete Eliassen, Josh Dirksen. Locations: Japan; Iceland; Macedonia; Montenegro; Pemberton, BC; Baldface Lodge, BC; Jackson Hole, WY; Juneau, AK; Tignes, France; Utah; Squaw Valley, CA. Music: Levrolution by American Royality.

Nike 6.0 – The chosen

On June 2, 2011 Mason Aguirre, Peetu Piiroinen, Louie Vito, and Greg Bretz take the stage in the NIKE CHOSEN. Get the song, I GOT A THING performed by Hanni El Khatib.

Hearth Films – Vol.5

Heart Films is a Japanese film crew, based on East of Japan, Hokkaido and Whistler, BC which is a home mountain of ” Tadashi Fuse”, the founder of Heart Films. They always enjoy back country riding. Fresh Powder, steep, cliff and more. Full movie will be out in Fall 2011. Starring: Futa Adachi, Yutaka Muraki, Tomohide Inoue, Yuta Watanabe, Kazuumi Fujita, Takafumi Konishi, Akifumi Hiraoka, and more…

We Are 2012

The long-awaited teaser for the film WEARE2012!!! Raleigh, fight, drop all waiting for snowboarding fans in movie theaters this fall. In the role of themselves: Jura Rudchik, Denis Leontiev, Nikita Vasilyev, Mikhail Ilyin, Brooke, Maxim Sibiryakov Rodnikov Dima, Philip Ananin, fungi Vanya, Alexander Osokin, and many others who are preparing for 2012. Sponsors: Trajectory, Holden, Ashbury. Premiere: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and others.

Think Thank – Ransack Rebellion

Kick a stump, jib some rebar and pull your tooth out, it’s Jesse Burtner!

Rip Curl – The Gum Movie

No snow equals adventure. Quite simply the best way to sum up our season. After a snowless winter in Europe our thirst for freshies got us on the move and pushed us out of our homelands to the four corners of the world: the best thing that could ever happen to us! From Japanese hot springs up in the high alpine to the wild and deep hills of the Great Canadian backcountry, there was a discovery to be made around every corner, every tree, every road pass. For Janne and the two Victors, it was a first time ride down the mystic mountains of Japan. For Urska, Nate and Nils it was a first and unique experience while following JF into Canada’s immensity. And if you ask Wiley and Elias, they’ll be quick to remember an epic barbecue at sunset on the flanks of the Andes. Basically, it went like this: everytime the crew would cram up into a car with gear, luggage and cameras, excited and impatient to live the next adventure, something obvious would strike us: ‘yep, this is the true essence, the core of snowboarding!’To travel as much as possible, to discover the world and different cultures while looking for the most beautiful riding terrain truelly made us better people. Live The Search. Riders: Victor Delerue, Nils Arvidsson, JF Fortin, Janne Lipsanen, Elias Elhardt, Nate Johnstone, Victor Daviet, Mati Radaelli, Dani Sastre, Nico Fuentes, Wiley Tesseo, Urska Pribosic.

Forum snowboards – Vacation

Crack open a cold one, or kick-start the blender and fire up that Piña Colada — it’s time to celebrate! FORUM is proud to announce the newest installment in their vast library of team-inspired videos. After winning back-to-back awards for Forever and Fuck It, a little team Vacation was long overdue. This last season was all about taking advantage of traveling on someone else’s dime, and focusing more on good times than hard work. Ironically, when the pressure went down, the progression of snowboarding went up … WAY UP.

Mistaken productions – Sup bro?

PLEASE SUPPORT US BY BUYING A SUP BRO? DVD or IPOD VERSION! SUP BRO? DVD’s & IPOD VERSION OF SUP BRO? ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT… mistakenproductions.com. Mistaken Productions proudly presents… Sup Bro? film by, Taylor Brant. Sup Bro? is a grass-roots snowboard flick, meaning: it’s all about kickin’ it with your bros! This Colorado-based snowboard film is not beginners only! Sup Bro? features some of the best pros and next generation up-and-coming talent slashing some serious pow and throwing crazy NEW double corks! From the West Coast across the pond to Europe, follow the crew through some crazy terrain and wicked parks while listening to an epic soundtrack. This isn’t a bro-down show-down; this film takes riding back to where it should be, going big…and seeing if your bro can go bigger! Featuring: Chris Willett, Eric Willett, Braden Wahr, Landen Wahr, Marc Moline, Taylor Brant, Jerome Kuntz , Jake Black, Zack Black, Brent Meyer, Wes Williams, Seb Kern, Nate Kern, Andrew Yoder, Nate Cordero, Bryan Cordero, Ian Smith, Mark Hoyt, Colin Spencer, Alex Cutler, Brady Farr, Austin Gibney, Andrew Buergin, Josh Revstock, Zak Shelhamer, Pat Milbery & Friends… Sponsors: 720Boardshop, Smith Optics, Quiksilver, Northwave/Drake/Bakoda, ME Glad, Omatic, Roswell, Epic Apparel, DC, Lib Tech, YEA.NICE, Candygrind, SFC, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Arkade Magazine. Friends: JJ Thomas, Josh Sherman, JJ Johnson, Mike Casonova, Floyd Ralph, Jamie Culp, Steve Cummings, Nick Larson, Colin Tucker, Adam Stormwall, Mike Gatrell, Alex Dean, Zack Black, Brett Esser, Seth Hill, AJ Shzram, Kyle Anderson, Ricky Bates, Dillon James, Jamie Culp, Ryan Cruze.
Sup Bro?….Ugghhhh! ~Eric & Chris Willett. Was that switch bro? ~Mark Hoyt. Wicked Bro! ~Nate Kern. Lets go grab some metal edge bro!! ~Andrew Yoder.

Northlight Pictures – Antiout

ANTIOUT MOVIE is based on travels of snowboarder Antti Autti and friends.movie follows Antti while he is searching new locations to go ride and have fun with his buddies. Movie willl be released earliest october 31st but not later than november 4th 2011. stay tuned.

8 Mile – Vacay

8mile Vacay teaser for 8milelife’s 4th Movie dropping this fall. When you’re with 8mile it’s always a Vacation! Featuring Mikey Rencz, Andrew Geeves, Dustin Craven, Kale Stephens, Jody Wachniak, Kevin Grffin, Charles White, Devun Walsh, Benji Ritchie, Eero Niemela, Logan Haubrich and friends.

FODT – La Fimilia 2

The movie Familia was one of our best to date and with new additions to the FODT family we are stronger than ever. Loyalty and trust is what brings a family together, and this past season really tested the bonds of ours! From the streets of Montreal, the cold and dark gloom of Estonia,to the earthquakes in Japan, FODT heavy hitters such as Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Marc Frank Montoya, Andrew Brewer, Jake Devine, Johnnie Paxson, Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen, and more, bring you the heart pounding sequel, Familia 2.

Helgason – Iceland (mini movie)

Hoppipolla Headwear put together this edit entitled “Iceland” with a little background on your favorite brothers from Iceland, Halldor and Eiki Helgason. Sit back, watch, and enjoy the creative riding from these two.

La Resistance (Russia)

ATTENTION! Emergency messege! This autumn there will be lot of uncontrollable resistances all over twenty biggest Russian cities , take care! We talk about new Russian snowboard movie called “La Resistance” from We Are 2012 studio and THIRTY TWO company. Shooted in St.Peterburg, Moskow, Murmansk, Ukraine and Finland
And other regions. Many street spots was destroyed this winter. Our homies take responsibility! Denis Leontev, Nikita Vasilev, Konstantin BerEgevskiy, Yuri Rudchik, Alexey Osovitskiy, Philipp Ananin, Vanja Gribkov, Alexander Osokin, Maxim Sibirjakov, Igor Kulakov, Mihail Ilin, Igor Kalnizkiy. The movie is almost done but you can check teaser now!! Peace out! Viva La Resistance! Song: Dead Generation – I wanna be your dog.

Bamboo Motion Pictures – Good time rollin

good times rollin’ is the upcoming Snowboard Film by Bamboo Motion Pictures. Its often that good times run by too fast… looking back at last season reminds us of all the different feelings and situations you found yourself in. Full movie drops in Fall 2011! for more information about the the crew and about the Premiere Tour Dates check out bamboo-mp.com. Musik: „The electric Dream“ by Mord Fustang. Filmed by: Thomas Krapf, Peter Kricker, Clemens Prankl, Bálint Hambalkó, Pirmin Juffinger. Rider: Marc Swoboda, Clemens Schattschneider, Dominik Wagner, Gerald Fuchs, Matthias Gober, Rudi Janda, Robert Wallner, Dominik Weghaupt , Jasmin Reischer, Karli Terzer, Robert Mathera, Seppi Ischep, Florian Galler, Christne Szumovski, Lisa Harml, Kathrin Holzmann and more.

Standard Film – TB20 (leur 20e film à date)

Standard Films is proud to present the 20th film from the legendary Totally Board Series, TB20! Originating in 1991, the “Totally Board” movies pioneered big mountain snowboarding and revolutionized action sports movie production in a way that captured the essence of the sport. Fast-forward two decades later to TB20, where the legacy lives on through the ultra extreme snowboarding of today’s most talented pro shredders on the planet! Starring: Halldor Helgason, Sammy Luebke, Blair Habenicht, Mark Carter, Xavier De Le Rue, Kimmy Fasani, Ryan Tiene, Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Raewyn Reid, Gulli Gudmundsson, Gjermund Braaten, Mathieu Crepel, Leanne Pelosi, Kevin Jones, Eiki Helgason, Mads Jonsson, Aaron Biittner. Locations: Haines AK, Whistler Backcountry, Terrace BC, Alpine Meadows,Squaw Valley, Stockholm Sweden, Stranda and Oslo Norway, Akureyri Iceland, Jackson Hole, Calgary, Mammoth, Sierra at Tahoe, Tahoe Backcountry, Helsinki Finland, Silverton Colorado, Switzerland, Chamonix, Dolomites. Sponsored by Bataleon, Burton, Contour, DC, K2, Lib Tech, Oakley, Nike 6.0, Squaw Valley, Rossignol,
Empire, Sweet Protection, Quiksilver, The North Face, Onboard Magazine, Billabong,
Transworld Japan Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine. ORDER TB20 Blu-ray or DVD DIRECT and get a FREE Best of the TB Series DVD with order NOW at standardfilms.com

Ian Post – Stitched up clipped up

Here’s the official teaser for Ian Post’s east coast snowboarding movie Stitched Up Clipped Up – Coming to your TV or computer screen THIS month (August). Starring: Luke Haddock | Yale Cousino | Riley Nickerson | Hans Mindnich | Shaun Murphy | Johnny O’Connor | Jeff Deforge | Dylan Dragotta | Tanner McCarty | Brad Hesson | Steve Lauder | Ben Wachowiak | Alex Hereford | John Murphy | Ralph Kucharek | & Friends. Produced, Filmed & Edited by: Ian Post. Additional Video: George Watts, Trevor Harris, Eric Durand, Skylar Brent, Harry Hagan, Hans’ Head, Jonathan Goggin

Hash Heaven Films – Sponsor This

ride: Nikolay Grinev, Alexey Osovickiy, Stepan Artemev, Alexey Batmanov, Ilya Verxotyrov, Artem Pitchxadze. filming: Alexey Naimyshin. additional filming:
Vladimir Vladimirov, Maksim Nesterov, Ilya Verxotyrov, Stepa Artemev. editing: Alexey Naimyshin. product by Hash Heaven Films. sponsored by: Joint snowboards, Quiksilver.

Homies 4 – Boiling point

Homies IV « Boiling Point » Teaser featuring Niels Shack,Chris Weber,Fred Couderc,Morgan Lefaucheur,Aymeric Tonin,Sparrow Knox,Cedric Giovanola,Nicolas Droz and friends. The movie will be out fall 2011 with Snowsurf, Playboard, Whitelines and Surfer Rule Snowboard. World premiere in Annecy @ The Pop Plage club with Dj Naughty J and Dj R-Ash on august 25th. Stay tuned to homiesgrounds.com and winamax.fr for 3 exclusive online Homies/Winamax pocker tournament with the riders! Song: »Dead wrong intro » [the notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx]

Nitro snowboards – Road Warriors

Film gratuit de Nitro USA, sort le 15 septembre 2011.

MOG Production – The Reality

Last Teaser this Season… dates for the first Premiere Stops.. 17. September Feldkirch altes Hallenbad with Sajas 30. September Landeck Kla4 07. Oktober Innsbruck Weekender Club. Rider: Manuel Bernert, Sebi Geiger, Christian Geiger, Felix Georgii, Mario Wanger, Julia Baumgartner, Thomas Feurstein, Tom Tramnitz, Macho Much, Stefan Falkeis, Bernie Kraxner, Simon Pircher and Friends…like Flo Achenrainer, Bobby Dangl. thanks to… Pirmin Juffinger, Daniel Wolf, Argon Films, Conny Bleicher Lipstick und Martin Kapferer. Music by.. L’amour et la Violence [Boys Noize Euro mix]

True color films

Canada Teaser: 3rd in the Trilogy. Starring: Mario Käppeli, Lisa Filzmoser, Alvaro Vogel and Nicholas Wolken. Locations: Monashee Powder Adventures, K3 Catski and Revelstoke Resort. Filmer/Editor: Richard Prendergast. Special Thanks: Mark Gallup and Canada Catskiing. Sponsors: Monster Energy, Planet-Sports, Drake, Northwave, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Artec, Fanatic and Forum Snowboards.

Lucky Enough (Documentaire)

Enjoy the progress as we follow 13 year old Seamus O’Connor’s road to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, where he will represent Ireland.

Random – Randomite

SixEleven – It’s our fault

SixEleven brings to you our fifth full-length film entitled It’s Our Fault. Join your old favorites as well as some new faces as they take you across the country throughout their winter season. Set to release Fall 2011, get the latest info and updates at sixelevenproductions.com. Sponsored by: Quiksilver, Skullcandy, InkMonstr, Company of Artists, Boa Technology, Banshee Bungee, and Ride Snowboards. Featuring: Scott See, Ritchie Colasanti, Erik Van Assche, Steven Waters, Joe Mango, Celia Miller, Oliver Bacharach, Eric Beauchemin, Nick Bilawsky, Colin Spencer, Ryan Cruze, and more…

Burton snowboards – Standing sideways

Standing Sideways is Burton’s new movie, featuring team riders Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Müller, Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Mikey Rencz, Frederik Kalbermatten, Keegan Valaika, Mikkel Bang, Kazu Kokubo, Mark Sollors, Zak Hale, Mark McMorris, Charles Reid, Ethan Deiss, Alex Andrews and Stephan Maurer.

Flow snowboards – Was here

Andre Kuhlmann, Brandon Reis, Ian Thorley, Jeremy Thompson, mike basich, Neil Romanek, Sarka Pancochova, Scott Brown, Scotty Lago, Shane Fortier, Tim Humphreys.

Random Bastards – Tantacle

Random Bastards in association with Junkyard.com proudly presents TENTACLE – a snowboard film. We’ve independently made this production together with our favorite riders, filmers and brands, and are super stoked on releasing it for free to you this fall. Here’s the teaser, enjoy and cheers! PRESENTED BY Junkyard.com (junkyard.com). STARRING Viktor Wiberg, Erik Karlsson, Rolf Nylinder, Hans Åhlund, Jocke Rasmussen, Chris Sörman, Zebbe Landmark, Kalle Ohlsson, Eric Johansson, Jonte Lindhe, Leo Crawford, Nisse Arvidsson, Kevin Bäckström, Ludde Lejkner, Klas Beyer, Niklas Mattson, Philip Grund, Tove Holmgren, Felix Engström, Viktor Björnström, Anton Bilare, The Gun Rack Pack (Joel Andersson, Matte Lestage, Blayze Bramwell, Jonte Gadelius, Noa Gadelius) + more… ASSOCIATES Junkyard.com, 686, Artec, Banshee Bungee, Bonfire, Burn, Burton, Colour Wear, Dakine, Dr. Zipe, Forum Snowboards, Foursquare, Haze Clothing, Lib Tech, Neff, Nitro Snowboard Co., Protest, Rip Curl, Salomon Snowboards, Skullcandy, SP, Special Blend & Zimtstern. MEDIA PARTNERS Method Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine & Transition. CREDITS Directed and edited by Kristofer Fahlgren (kuskeproductions.com) Produced by Eric Hörstedt & Hans Åhlund (randombastards.com) Art direction by Marc Strömberg (marcpma.com) Motion graphics by Claes Lind (cargocollective.com/​claeslind). The Day of the Tentacle is near! Stay tuned this fall… Random Bastards July 2011, Umeå, Sweden

Brenning & Helgason – Sexual Snowboarding

A film coming soon for free online by Johannes Brenning, Eiki and Halldor Helgason. Executive Producer
Kristoffer Hansson and Johannes Brenning. Music Supervisor – Florent De Maria. Song by Sebastian – Retro. Headbangers Publishing/ Because Editions. © 2011 Ed Banger Records under exclusive license to Because Music.

Never Summer snowboards – Shred’em All

Never Summer Snowboards didn’t travel the world, or ride in helicopters, or build a private superpipe in the backcountry.We took a flight or two, appreciated the art of snowboarding, and we created a movie with our friends that represents what snowboarding means to us. HAVING FUN! 20 years ago Never Summer adopted the philosophy of an older, more established company from Vermont Ben and Jerry’s If its not fun, why do it? For us it still holds true. Enjoy the trailer! Riders-Ryan Cruze, Chris Corning, Cooper Hoffmeister, Cooper Scler, Alessandro Boyens, Nick Decicco, Jason Elms, Rajat Bhayani, Jason Hindman, Tom Flacco, Nick Larson, Ryan Stephens, Tony Pavlantos, Heather Baroody, Mary Boddington, Chris Lynch, Chris « Chach » Chance, Jake Williams, Rick Rodriguez, Bill Rodriguez, Brady Farr. Editing-Micah Cook. Song- Paul Oakenfold – Aeternal.

ThirtyTwo – Ammo

ThirtyTwo and Etnies present an all AM snowboard video. Featuring: Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster, Dylan Alito, Tyler Flanagan, Spencer Schubert, Mike Ravelson, Johnny Brady, Parker Worthen, Stale Sandbech, Brandon Larson and Friends.