Deja Vu – Le Film

Suite aux trois vidéos Prologues présenté par Déjà Vu, voici les vidéos formant le film Déjà Vu. Bonne écoute!

1. Welcome

Welcome to the Deja Vu snowboard series, a monthly update with the Quebecois crew while filming around the world for the inaugural Deja Vu movie. In this episode, Frank April, Ben Bilocq, Alex Cantin, Phil Jacques, Will Lavigne, LNP, Louif Paradis, and Nic Sauve strap in for the first time this season at Breckenridge and Keystone resorts in Colorado. Look out for new all-access episodes from Deja Vu dropping all winter long on Network A!
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2. Busted – Frank April

Busted! The DejaVu film crew checks in from Alberta, Canada sessioning a heavy urban kink. Snowboarder Alex Cantin gives the background story on how the cops kicked them out the previous night. Frank April rallies the crew back the next day to get his trick—a huge gap to front 270 lipslide. Busted again! But not before Frank nails the shot!

3. One day one trick – LNP

Follow snowboarder LNP through a typical day in freezing Quebec nailing clips for the DejaVu movie. From hotel life, to scoping spots, to build and tear down—this is a typical day in the life of LNP shooting for DejaVu in all his glory. That’s a wrap! Subscribe for more episodes from the DejaVu crew all winter long.

4. Introducing The Tornado Flip

The Tornado Flip has to be one of the craziest tricks of the 2012/2013 winter! In this episode of Deja Vu Will Lavigne casually runs through what it takes to huck yourself into a backside wallride where you must hook your toe edge and then roll and spin into the Tornado Flip. The key ingredient, « Hope » and lots of it.

5. Busted

Poaching urban snowboard spots is always a gamble. Check out the security troubles the Deja Vu crew run into in Finland at this double rail set up before snowboarder Louif Paradis even has a chance to strap in. Will Lavigne won’t let the session go to waste and does his best to smooth things over eventually convincing the manager to allow them just 15 minutes to lock down a clip. Under the watchful eye of security, Louif nails his trick and clocks out for the day! Job well done.

6. Japan

Kick back and enjoy the epic laid back powder session as the Deja Vu crew including Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, and Ben Bilocq explore the best of Japan. From bright city lights to the mountains, there’s something magical about Japan that every snowboarder should should make a point to experience! Music: « Sun Bleach » by Nicholas Andrew Sadler

7. Helsinki

The Deja Vu crew is full force in Helsinki, Finland! Phil Jacques, Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Frank April, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nic Sauve and Will Lavigne unleash on icy city terrain. From Helsinki the guys hop on a ferry for the scenic journey to Estonia where they feast on a heavy rail setup! Perfect end to the trip!

8. Whoops

You can’t win them all as evidence from Deja Vu Movie’s Frank April, LNP, Louif Paradis and Alex Cantin! Putting together a solid part for any snowboard movie requires throwing yourself off ledges, down rails and into uncertain success. These guys are true professionals and take the good with the bad continually getting back up and giving it another shot. If these slams are any indication of how hard the guys were pushing it out there we can’t wait to see the tricks they land! Bangers!

9. Whoops #2

The Deja Vu crew are back with another helping of slams and candid moments while filming for the Deja Vu Movie! LNP turns a broken board into a snow skate while Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin and Ben Bilocq barely hold it together jibbing walls, trees and rails. The crew also hang with a big fan in the park offering him a chance to shred one of their boards. How’s that layback!?