Louif Paradis lance sa compagnie

Louis-Felix Paradis-Lemieux, mieux connu dans le monde du snowboard sous le nom de Louif, vient tout juste de remporté 2 médailles lors des Winter X Games 2013 (voir l’article complet ici). Il est donc le meilleur moment pour lui de faire son grand lancement de sa nouvelle compagnie. Louif Paradi lance la marque Nuclear. Louif travail en collaboration avec Mat Laroche et IFound.

Voici le communiqué


X-Games Real snow and Street gold medalist Louif Paradis, has partenered up with THE I FOUND POSITIVE GROUP to launch new accessories & apparel brand NUCLEAR. One of the most infuencial street snowboarder of all time has created it’s own movement, and want to highlight the humankind dumbness, make fun of it and open consciousness on consequences, which we are just starting to experience.

This partnership with his longtime headwear sponsor, has been on the work since march 2012, and is now ready to be sold in the core snowboard market for Fall W13.

Louif and fellow I FOUND art director Mat Laroche have been working togheter on the product designs, and the results is a great mix of casual and sober colors, great cuts , with a funky theme and fresh artworks. Brand message is clear and speaks to everyone. Products reflect a lot from Louif’s personnality. He is a very humble person with lots of integrity, and wanted to spread a positive message along the way.

« Louif has always been the most picky and selective team rider when it came down to signature designs. His detailed attention to the product and very specific tastes pushed us further into the designs every year, and from there we realised it was time to gather not only Louif’s design ideas, but his whole perspective of what his brand would be. The concept really suited well with our philosophy wich is all about positive messages.Nuclear is born organically after 7 years of collaboration with Louif. »
-Guillaume Brochu, IFOUND and Nuclear sales manager.

« The idea of Nuclear came to me while I was visiting Japan not long after the earthquake and the disaster at the Fukushima power plant. It made me think that the word Nuclear was perfect to illustrate a general idea that I’ve had since I was a kid. I’ve always tought that a part of sciences is going backward in evolution. For example, how man used to hunt and grow to eat, now we have drive thru fast foods and microwaves. We don’t even have to know how to cook our food anymore. So this is kinda the idea behind Nuclear. We want to make good fitting hats, apparel and take the opportunity to share ideas about humanity vs nature, without taking ourselves too seriously. »
-Louif Paradis, Nuclear founder.

Nuclear will showcase at SIA in Denver, ISPO Munich, and Interstyle Japan and will be available in Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Australia, N-Z, Canada and the USA.

NUCLEAR will gives 2% of all sales to ON THE ROAD : FUKUSHIMA BRANCH, wich is raising funds to rebuild Ishinomaki.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuclear/411052728980129
Real SNOW 2013 Video : youtube.com/watch?v=P2o3U3D726E

I FOUND is a headwear and outerwear company based out of Quebec city, who have been on the global market since 2005. I FOUND means the moment when you find out how you turn from negative to positive. The company, originally dedicated to headwear designs, is born from Guillaume Brochu’s snowboard career ending after a bad injury, when he gathered with artist Mat Laroche, Sugarshack’s movie producer Ezekiel Lebrun and his brother Jp. They have been supporting the most elite urban snowboarders since their beginnings and the brand have grown across the globe from the roots of eastcoast snowboarding. Nic Sauvé, Yale Cousino, Frank April, Louif Paradis, Jason Dubois, Alex Cantin, Will Lavigne, are just a few of the talents representing The I FOUND positive Group….