Première de Little Things à Montréal

Marie-France Roy et son tout nouveau film de snowboard The Little Things vous invites à la première montréalaise qui aura lieu au Centre Phi le 23 octobre 2014 à 18h. C’est gratuit !!



« The Little Things » is proud to announce that they have been chosen as an Official Selection for the 13th annual Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival.

Marie-France Roy has earned many accolades during her snowboarding tenure for her talent when standing sideways. She has put out some of the most influential video parts of the past decade and has chops in both the backcountry and the streets. Last season, Marie embarked on a journey to give back to the sport she loves and create a film that would share the stories of snowboarders who are committed to living in a way that positively affects the environment as much as possible. The movie is called « The Little Things » and will follow Marie and the rest of the crew this season before culminating in a release in fall 2014. Enjoy this teaser for the movie that shows yet another reason why MFR is one of the raddest chicks out there.